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Quality Assurance Manager

Quality- Assurance - Manager

Areas of Responsibility

The following functions and activities of those functions are the minimum requirements for a quality assurance manager, quality control coordinator, inspector.

Skills are needed in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of Printing
  • General Responsibilities
  • Knowledge of Standards
  • Production Responsibilities
  • Customer Responsibilities

Knowledge of Printing:

Knows flexographic and digital printing processes and materials and is familiar with the equipment

General Responsibilities:

Supervisory and management skills are a must. Ability to plan, organize, direct, control and lead

Reviews department and corporate goals with President and also subordinates, on a regular basis

Develop and maintain Standard Operating Practices and cGMP’s

Work with vendors on quality related issues

Perform plant audits of SOP's and cGMP’s

Knowledge of Standards:

    Determines quality standards and specifications reviews and updates specifications and standards at least yearly

    Keeps up-to-date on quality trends and techniques through seminars and reading

    Production Responsibilities:

    Understands the production workflow

    Establishes priority of work for material inspection (Works with scheduling and production to establish priorities of work for material inspection)

    Checks, analyzes daily quality control reports of the previous night’s work (if applicable) and activity reports of quality control inspectors

    Checks all color OKs and press approvals

    Spot checks work being produced in the flexo and digital pressroom and finishing / rewind

    Supervises inspection of shipment of customer samples

    Maintains files on all jobs run in pressrooms, including press color OKs, and copy OKs approved by customer

    Manages GMI color approvals

    Follows through on jobs in plant which may need special handling and which have special standards and specifications

    Analyzes press problems, stock problems, inks and chemicals, etc., to assist personnel in reaching prescribed quality standards

    Notifies immediate supervisor in the event of serious problem affecting quality or production

    Customer Responsibilities:

    Reply to customer complaints

    Manage customer audits

    Job Overview: To manage quality systems and resource materials dedicated toward problem prevention and zero defects. Oversees the quality control team or personally inspects and samples all production in various stages of work. This position has the authority to stop production on any job not being produced according to specifications.


    Salary will commensurate with experience and skills

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